Adelaide Lost Ring Search Metal Detecting Service

Adelaide Lost Ring Search is a professional metal detecting service in Adelaide, South Australia. The main metal detecting operator is Shaun Branden but we can access other detectorists for large jobs or where specialist skills are required.

If you have lost a ring or just need a metal detector in South Australia please call Shaun on 0433164587 or Andrea on 0410424856.

We are passionate about returning lost jewellery and will do our best to help recover your lost item. If you need help, please use the contact page or phone for a quick response. 

In most cases the charge for an Adelaide call out which includes up to 1 hour searching is $75. Ongoing search time is billed in 30 minute increments at just $25 per half hour.

Adelaide Lost Ring Search recovered diamond engagement ring
Diamond engagement ring found in the surf

If we can access the site and the item has some metal content there is a very good chance for a successful search. We have specialist detectors for large areas, tight spots and in the water.

If you would prefer to hire a metal detector, details are on the hire page. Generic metal detectors are available for $40 per day with some specialist detectors for $60 per day. We also retail Tesoro, Teknetics and Fisher metal detectors if you would prefer to buy one

Adelaide Lost Ring Search Metal Detecting Services

  • Lost ring and jewellery finding service.
  • Pipe, Bore Cap, Cover Plates and Cable searches.
  • Gatic covers and grates.
  • Estate and Historical searches.
  • Forensic and Evidence searches.
  • Archaeological searches.
  • Under water metal detecting.
  • Hearing Aids.
  • Dental Plates.
  • Lost tools and misplaced metallic item searches.
  • Lost Keys.
  • House internal searches.
Adelaide Lost Ring Search Gold Ring recovered at Semaphore beach
Lost ring recovered in Semaphore, SA

Please take a look at the facebook page for some interesting search stories or just to say hi.









Feel free to contact if you would like to try a metal detector or ask a few questions. I am passionate about detecting and eager to help.

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